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I'm Dr. Lilly Partha, a dedicated holistic doctor and spiritual mentor, and I warmly welcome you. If you're an intelligent seeker of truth, someone who yearns to unravel the mysteries of life and discover your true purpose, then you've come to the right place.

Through a combination of holistic medicine and spiritual principles, we explore the root causes of your suffering and eliminate them, paving a way for a glorious and blissful life. Together, we unravel conditioning, uncover authentic selves, and cultivate balance.

With personalized wellness plans, energy healing, mindfulness practices, and more, you'll gain the tools and confidence to manifest your dreams and live a life of health, purpose, joy, and fulfillment. Embark on this transformative journey with me and embrace the magnificent life that awaits you.

Step Into Your Light of Transformation

With My

4 Step Shakti's Spark Creator Method!

I've created a method of Shakti based coaching that can foster incredible transformation and lead to more success, health, creativity and a sense of Peace that can only come from a true understanding of who you are and what your purpose is. There is nothing but magic in life when you come into alignment with your inner Shakti. This model is the basis of all of my coaching programs. You are nothing short of a miracle, and I will help you to discover this truth for yourself!

Kind Words From Clients

I consulted Dr. Partha to get help with allergies, which went away quickly. Five years later, I still have online sessions with her for coaching about health, life, whatever. I feel like my IQ jumped up at least 10 points in these last 5 years! Every time I talk to her, I learn so much and she gives me homework too! The world of spirituality she opened for me is the biggest gift of my life. I find that overall, I am more content and balanced in my life. And, with her Energy Healing for Success method, which dissolved all of my mental money blocks, I am now in a better financial state than ever before in my life, and it just keeps getting better all around.

Marion Miner

Art Curator

"Dr. Lilly is a powerful healer with a heart as big as the sky. In just a few sessions, I felt better than I ever had physically and even more than that, I felt a newfound sense of confidence and calm that continues to this day. I can't explain it, but something shifted energetically, and I am more myself than ever before. I feel geniune wellness after a long time."

Natasha Taylor

Marketing Director

"When my wife insisted that I go to Dr. Lilly for my anxiety issues, I wasn't sure, but I sure am glad now. This woman is some kind of a smart lady. Doctor, therapist, I don't even know what to call her other than a friend. Every time I see her, I learn so much and just being around her feels so good. She does some energy thing which just blows me away! "

Joe Daley

Financial Consultant

"I first went to Dr. Partha for aches and pains, all of which went away in just two sessions. More than that, I learned so much about my body, my mind and just about life. When she talked to me about life beyond this body, I felt a profound release of fear, and I am so grateful. She is brilliant, kind and wise, and I will go to her for as long as I'm around."

Susan Pletner

Retired School Principal

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